Tashi: “Donate or the lemur gets it!”
Nima: “Tashi, that’s not the message we’re trying to get across!”


The Tale of Tashi and Nima is a comic made by fans and for fans of the original series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. It is completely free to read and always will be!
Any donations we do receive are put right back into the work it takes to create and digitally publish our content. For clarity’s sake, this includes: webhosting, domain fees, maintenance costs, art materials, etc.
Since we make no profit from this, we can only produce as much as personal
finances will allow – so it’s a great way to help us get more on the web
and faster.

While this project is a labor of love, paying for this out of pocket
can be expensive. We greatly appreciate your consideration to help
support the comic!

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***No lemurs were harmed in the process of making this page or it’s associated artworks.***