First off, welcome to Tashi and Nima!
This has been a multi-year endeavor for us and we are extremely excited to finally showcase it on the web!
The story will span four books, the first entitled “The Comet.” This artwork serves as the first volume cover and was painted by Tristan. While Krystle specializes in more realistic paintings, we didn’t want readers to feel disconnected from the character models they’ll come to know in the actual comic. We opted for a fully cel-shaded style with painterly elements. It was something of an experiment, but we were pleased with the results. This artwork is definitely a symbol of what’s to come.
There’s a lot we could cover in this post, but we recommend you check out the About page and it’s associated sections to learn more about the comic, it’s creators and all that good stuff. We do stress that this comic isn’t meant for children – it will definitely be a more mature journey for the characters (as you might be able to gather from the posted image) and we feel the content is more suited towards ages 13 and up.

If you’d like to learn more about why the comic was created and how the idea was formed, we have a lovely article posted from Krystle which can be found here.