Let’s get the big stuff out of the way first – we’ll be tabling at the San Diego Comic Fest Artist’s Alley next weekend (February 18-19!) We strongly encourage you to stop by if you’re in the San Diego area! Lots of great talent and panels will be there!

This will be our first convention ever, which is exciting, but it does require that we delay next week’s update. We’ll be sure to post our progress for the next page on twitter, though!

Also wanted to congratulate Avatar_Rei who answered our previous challenge question correctly – here’s your sketch of Jinora, as requested! Hope you like it!

Confrontation with death is a scary thing, especially for someone as young as Tashi. Showing the pure terror on his face was absolutely heartbreaking. This chapter only has a few pages left, but it’s going to get even more intense! Stay tuned for that!
As for me, gotta finish up all the loose ends before SDCF and work on our hub website, ArtKnightStudios.com. I know we’ve had a lot of interruptions with our schedules in recent times, but I think we’re just getting that much better about working under pressure. We want to make this our best year ever for comics!


I can’t believe Chapter 3 is almost over… looking forward to working on thumbnailing Chapter 4!
In addition to working on prepping for Comic Fest, and coloring page 30, I’ve been spending my lunch breaks working on a starship design for my sci-fi comic. I’ll start posting some of those sketches eventually, when I’ve worked out the details. I’ll actually have a print available featuring Kira, one of the comic’s original characters at San Diego Comic Fest this coming weekend! Check it out in you’re in town!