This page was kind of a challenge to get right, but I’m happy with the result! As always, Tristan does an awesome job with fire and smoke effects. Been trying a few different things with my inking lately, specifically in simplifying all the tears and burn marks in their clothes. That being said, we might streamline that even more for chapter 4 so my wrist can recover. 😉
In other news, I’ll be spending my weekend indoors trying to get some merchandise assembled for our Comic Fest debut. It’s amazing how many obstacles you can face with otherwise straightforward projects due to software limitations. …Yes, I’m looking at you, Cricut Design Space.


San Diego Comic Fest is about a month away, and I am really excited for it! It’ll be our first time tabling in an Artist Alley, and I’ve got a bunch of stuff ready for it, but I still have some more things to prep leading up to it. If anyone wants to swing by, it’s pretty affordable, check it out at My dayjob has been unseasonably busy, but I think our new cyclical production technique is definitely helping keep us on track with weekly updates.

Let’s do something fun for this update! Nima’s gonna pull something out of his travel pack on the next page… first person to leave a comment and correctly guess what it is gets a free sketch request! See ya next week, folks!

P.S. I’ve been streaming a lot more recently, catch our progress live most weeknights ~8pm PST on Picarto!