This isn’t good for our boys… not good at all. Sorry for this being a transition page to the next scene, but we hope you enjoy the art. Tried out a few different techniques on the inking for this one – pretty pleased with the results, too!

We have a LOT to talk about on the “Art Knight Studios” end – but we need to take things one thing at a time. We announced it a couple weeks ago, but we’ve decided we’re ready to start tabling at comic conventions. We plan to start in February (if everything goes to plan!) So that means prints, merch, commissions and more! Don’t worry; we still plan on making Tashi and Nima and providing updates at least once a week, but we want to focus on our other art, too. 🙂

We also want to start doing some videos/tutorials… we’re not too sure when we can start doing them, but we want to put this plan into action. We really hope it’s informative and fun. We’ll be posting status updates on twitter about our journey and will eventually create more blogs on the subject, so stay tuned!