This is one of those instances where we get to see the true power of an Airbending Master. While Aang was the Avatar and a definitely master in his own right, someone like Yongten has so many more years of experience under his belt. He’s obviously hurt, but he’s running on sheer adrenaline and the will to get Nima out of there somehow.

So you may have seen our tumblr or twitter posts about the updating schedule. Just wanted to clarify things a bit since we’re not limited to character counts here.

Our goal is to still update weekly as much as we can, but we’re not giving ourselves a set day to post anymore. It was Friday before, but now it will just be whatever day we finish. We always post when we update on our social media accounts, so things will stay fairly normal. With our schedules and real-life responsibilities, we decided that this small compromise would be the healthiest thing and not also not make us feel as guilty when we want to do other kinds of art, too.

We’re thinking of launching another blog to showcase our non-related TaN projects, too. (Don’t worry, we’ll continue drawing TaN until the story is done.)
Some of our tumblr audience might be aware, but we’re also planning to work on two other comic projects, also – a Miraculous Ladybug comic and an original Space Opera comic. In the meantime, though, you can catch concept work for that on Tristan’s tumblr.