You know, there’s a lot of debate surrounding how the Firebenders were able to reach the temples. We figured that the most effective way to ambush the temple would be through flight, which is why we chose to do a dragon-powered ambush. Combustion-bending was revealed to be an extremely rare subset of firebending in The Legend of Korra, since P’Li was the second-known combustion bender with no formal relation to “Combustion Man” in ATLA. We can only assume it existed in previous generations, too, which is why we thought to include one. Just imagine how much more volatile and effective these ambushes would have been if Sozin had connections to a bender(s) with this ability. Since we’re not entirely sure how these attacks went down, Chapter 3 will have a lot of conjecture. Hopefully we do it justice.

And as a sidenote? I’ve never really drawn dragons before … hopefully we were able to do them justice in the final art!