We’ve finally come to it, folks… the end of Chapter 2 and the start of Sozin’s massacre.

This page incorporates iconic drawings we made during the story’s conception – the monks standing atop the towers looking into the distance at the dragons. The sense of confusion – not panic – as the swarms of soldiers approached.

As we’ve gotten deeper into the storytelling of the comic – and after drawing over 60 pages of these characters – we almost wish we could backtrack and just make this a story about life at the Northern Air Temple. Unfortunately, our protagonists wouldn’t be who they were if it weren’t for the events of the comet. They have a very tragic tale, but rest assured that they are absolutely beautiful characters who have stories worth telling.

So here’s the deal. Chapter 3 isn’t going to be like the pages you’ve seen so far – and many of them will venture into mature-rated territory. We’ll post any trigger tags on social media for page updates and above the current comic pages, so just be on the lookout for any content involving war brutality, graphic violence, blood/body horror, character deaths, etc.

Stay tuned next week for Chapter 3, which we titled appropriately “When Everything Changed.”