Hey, guys… thanks for waiting on this update.
Krystle’s grandma had an accident and underwent an emergency surgery this weekend so we’ve been at the hospital and with family. The good news – she’s doing great and the the surgery went smoothly! The bad news? Updating so late this weekend that will most likely affect next week, since our schedule’s been thrown off. It’s unfortunate since we’re so close to the chapter’s end and we wanted to get there without anymore interruptions. C’est la vie. :/

This wraps up the flashback with Tashi’s mom; what a difficult thing to have to tell your baby! We can only imagine how hard it had to have been for Ponya to pull herself together at the end here.

We have approximately 2-3 pages left of this chapter and really the only advice we can give to our audience is: Brace yourselves.
In the mean time though (and to lighten the mood) you guys can also enjoy this OC-meme we did on tumblr.