Sorry about the late update… Our webhost had some downtime and maintenance they needed to do, so we weren’t able to upload until today! Not a whole lot to say about today’s comic other than a well-deserved “):” We knew this part was coming, but it still hurts.
Which sort of brings us to our next point … we are getting incredibly close to Chapter 3, which will probably be one of the most difficult things we’ve ever had to illustrate. We’ve already begun work on the next chapter’s cover and it certainly makes us squirm a little in our chairs.

On a lighter note! We wanted to share some nice, fluffy artwork of Nimyang (Nima and Jamyang) that a dear friend of ours requested.
We had a lot of fun illustrating this poster and a the corresponding kiss artwork that went alongside it. Hope everyone enjoys – we’ll put it in our art section soon!