We’re really loving this scene with Tashi and his mama. The morning light just gives the scene such beautiful colors! Btw, for all you hermit crab enthusiasts out there – we realize we had to take some liberties with illustrating actual molting. Since all avatar animals are hybrids, however, we feel this version works. 😉 We promise you everything will make sense on the next page! Curse these weekly updates!
In site news, we’ve got the FAQ page up; it’s under construction and not quite finished, but it will be full of additional comic information, articles, and of course – frequently asked questions. Check out the articles that are published and up for viewing! Everything’s still under construction, but we hope it gives you some interesting information!

We also have a new wallpaper for you guys in the Extras section! If you like the airbending sisters, this one’s for you! As always, make sure you have pop-up’s enabled for TaN and select your desired resolution on the drop down menu!