And so it begins! We had a little bit of a “differing of opinions” in regards to this page, but in the end, our ideas melded together. Originally, I wanted Yongten’s air bomb to be this epic move that went across the entire temple training grounds, making all of the kids stare in awe and excitement. Tristan’s approach to illustration was a little different; he made the scene a lot more playful with the laughing kids getting caught up in Yongten’s blast. In the end, we decided this showed his personality really well. He is very much the opposite of Aku and much more fatherly in nature.
When the script was in the process of writing and revision, Tristan and I would often go to our local Starbucks or Coffee Bean to work on the TaN script and art. It was something we both really enjoyed doing and we always had what we called “Artists Sprawl” around whatever tables we could snag: laptops, paper and art supplies galore! We thought it was pretty funny that we had become regulars at these establishments, but we seemed to always get more done when we escaped the distractions of home. While we mostly kept our work private, we eventually started letting the staff see earlier pages such as this one. We even ended up modeling a few minor characters after them! TaN and cafes seem to go hand in hand, so we actually have quite a few fun stories about bringing the comic to life in our makeshift offices.

Who knew baristas would be the original TaN fans? Avatards are more widespread than you’d think!