This section will focus on Volume 1: The Comet and be updated as the plotline progresses.


Characters_Nima_248x300Nima of the Northern Temple
Age 16 (turns 17 as the series progresses)
First Appearance

Nima is a soul-searching youth on the cusp of adulthood. Raised at the Northern Air Temple under the tutelage of Elder Yongten, he is extremely well-read in his people’s history, temple proverb, and sacred texts.
Despite his advanced academics, he has a lot of trouble in the physical art of airbending and has failed the last few tiers of airbending maneuvers. Being held back with students much younger than him in order to learn more basic techniques has burdened him with a bit of an inferiority complex and makes him resent the council elders. He begins to form a one-sided rivalry with his classmate Tashi, known to many students and elders as having the makings of a master, despite his young age.
He recently asked Jamyang, his girlfriend from the Eastern Temple, to become his spiritual partner. As such, he places great importance on earning his tattoos and being seen as a man worthy of her hand. The two planned on traveling the world together and embracing a more nomadic lifestyle after he finishes his training.


Characters_Tashi_248x300Tashi of the Northern Temple
Age 8 (turns 9 as the series progresses)
First Appearance

Tashi is an energetic, happy-go-lucky little boy who has transferred from the Eastern Air temple to be trained under Council Member Aku. Descending from a long line of talented airbenders, Tashi is related to Council Elder Tashi, of the Southern Temple, for whom he’s named. Unlike his grandfather, he is practically the embodiment of sunshine and positivity.
Although his abilities grant him notoriety in his classes at the Northern Temple, he’s actually quite lonely and misses the companionship of playmates that are closer in age. He often hides behind his airbending while trying to get others to like or notice him, particularly Nima who he has partnered with on more than one occasion.
Underneath his confident persona is a scared little boy who struggles with being separated from his mother. He is very much like any other child despite his advanced classes and responsibilities. Luckily, he has his spiritual brother Jinpa to help him outside of class.

Characters_Yongten_248x300Master Yongten of the Northern Temple
Age 46
First Appearance

Yongten has lived in the Northern Air Temple since his early youth. A talented airbender and pragmatic man, Yongten serves as an influential spiritual Elder and council member. He aids in teaching the students of the temple in the art of aerial maneuvers and techniques. He is an expert glider and aerial martial artist.
He took Nima in at a very young age and has served as his father figure ever since. Despite his frustrations with the explosive-tempered teenager, Yongten believes that Nima will achieve greatness given time and patience.

Characters_Aku_248x300Master Aku of the Northern Temple
Age 77
First Appearance

Aku spent his young life traveling the world and learning about the other nations, in addition to his own spiritual quests and missions. His experiences made him a good candidate to be part of the High Council of Elders among Air Nomads, as well as one of the advisers who would aid the Avatar in his extended training.
Despite already being the guardian of another student, Jinpa, Aku readily welcomes Tashi into his care. Aku makes it his aim to groom the young prodigy in the art of airbending instruction so that he might one day teach a new generation of monks. Often encouraging his ward to demonstrate maneuvers for the class, some of the other students conclude that Tashi is a mere show off.

Characters_Jamyang_248x300Jamyang of the Eastern Temple
Age 16
First Appearance

Jamyang is a kind-hearted girl from the Eastern Air Temple. She met Nima during a Solstice Festival and instantly took a liking to him during a fateful bison polo tournament.
She serves as a caretaker for children in the nurseries, but is much more than just a gentle spirit. Jamyang is an extremely capable bender and talented student who mastered all tiers of airbending necessary to receive her tattoos. It is quite rare for benders to reach this level so young, and she is partially responsible for Nima’s unrealistic self-demands. Despite her airbending prowess, she’s considered non-conventional by some. She doesn’t care much for the strict rules that govern courtship and ponders about a more nomadic lifestyle after marriage. These ideas may have been influenced by her older sister, Ponya.
Overall, she serves as a good influence over Nima, and constantly encourages him and his spiritual efforts despite her own doubts. In addition to Tashi, she is Nima’s other prime focus after the attacks. He continuously prays to the spirits for her protection and speaks about her often.

Characters_Ponya_248x300Sister Ponya of the Eastern Temple
Age 26
First Appearance

Ponya is a skybison shepherd from the Eastern Air Temple. She was mentored by Sister Lio, one of the nuns who assisted Avatar Aang in choosing the skybison we now know as Appa.
She and her younger sister Jamyang were taken in by the same guardian, which gave her the unique experience of knowing her birth sibling. From a young age, Ponya exhibited very motherly personality traits and was fiercely protective of her loved ones. Unlike most Air Nomads, she isn’t afraid of challenging longstanding traditions and has gotten herself in hot water with the other nuns on more than one occasion.
She is spiritually bonded with her partner, Master Sangmu, who serves at the Southern Temple. They have one child – a little boy named Tashi, who is the apple of Ponya’s eye. Her jovial and extroverted nature is definitely mirrored in her son’s personality. She personally raised Tashi until the age of five years and has had trouble coping with their separation ever since.

Characters_Jinpa_248x300Jinpa of the Northern Temple
Age 10
First Appearance

Jinpa is Master Aku’s first student and has lived under his care at the Northern Air Temple for as long as he can remember. While he isn’t the most technically skilled bender, his willingness to learn and incredibly positive attitude makes him an ideal candidate for one day assisting in the temple’s various charitable programs.
While Aku holds higher hopes for his ward’s involvement in these fields, Jinpa fancies himself a master baker and wants to sell fruit pies to help the poor. Jinpa deeply respects his mentor but often feels a slight disconnect because of Aku’s position and rank within the Council of Elders. He and Tashi share a close, brother-like relationship and rely on one another another the most.