The next installment of TaN will be titled, “When Everything Changed.”
With that being said, we want to stress that the material in this chapter will follow a strong “Mature” rating. Due to the triggers associated with graphic violence and war brutality, we’ve decided to post warnings above each individual page and any social media updates. If any of the tags make you feel uncomfortable, please proceed with caution.

These will be some of the most complex and emotional scenes we’ve ever drawn. As illustrators, we are both terrified and eager to do these pages justice and give history to an otherwise untold story. For now, we still plan on updating weekly (despite the complexity of the illustrations.)

As a side note, we may be also be changing the site design. So don’t be shocked if you come to a different looking layout or banner one of these days! If you like the story so far, please help us out by reblogging/sharing on our social media accounts or telling your friends. The story’s really going to start picking up from here and we’ve got a lot in store. ๐Ÿ˜‰