Well guys, unfortunately between updating two pages at once last week, and a surprise chance to attend San Diego Comic Con, I wasn’t able to get a page penciled on the weekend, which means that we weren’t able to get an update completed for this week. My wife wasn’t able to attend, which was super lame, but we’re getting set for next year, as well as possibly going to Wondercon and Long Beach Comic Con. In any event, I did paint up a little scene of Nima and Jamyang enjoying each other’s company, having a picnic somewhere out away from their temples. As for comic con, I got to sit in on a few of the educational panels, which was really cool and always enjoyable. I always get a real creative charge out of going, though it does give me some sensory overload for a little while afterwards and I have to step back and process all that I’ve taken in. So, this weekend I’m going to dive back in and get the next few pages penciled out. We get to see a little more from Nima and Jamyang during their happy times, and then we’ll start to get a glimpse into Tashi’s past… before things go south at the Northern Air Temple. No pun intended.

In other news, we’ve finally gotten our shipment of gloss paper for the Tumblr winner poster! (If you haven’t messaged us already with your address, please do so! ♥) So, we’ll be getting those printed and mailed out as soon as we can – we’re sorry it’s taken so long, but you know how life can get! We’re paying for shipping, so bear with us as we get those sent.