We have got a lot of content on the way, folks! We can hardly believe that the prologue and Chapter 1: Winds of Adversity is completely finished and archived on the site! It’s a great feeling to know we’re in this for the long haul and are capable of bringing this story to life the way we intended. Since we’re both artists who have a hand in illustrating the comic, we are very particular about attention to detail, design and not settling if a drawing doesn’t turn out right. Which brings me to my next point!

We’re both full-time employees with lots of responsibilities and challenges that prevent us from working on the comic as much as we’d like. We don’t believe in putting part-time effort into this project, but also want to uphold our promise of weekly Friday updates. So naturally, when you have setbacks like a totaled car, new job responsibilities and family obligations… you need a buffer to stay on track.

Adding to our dilemma is the fact that Chapters 2 and 3 are extremely complicated visually. We are excited to meet these challenges and make the illustrations even better than before, but we need time to do it right. We need time to make sure all the content in our sketchbooks translates well into the actual final product and we need time to make sure we handle some of the emotionally charged scenes ahead sensitively.

We’ve decided to take a short break. This is not the hiatus of doom you’ve probably seen other webcomics take, it’s simply a break. We want to create a buffer, finish contest posters, create new wallpapers and work on promoting and upgrading the site.

How long will this break last? We’ve giving ourselves an absolute maximum of 3-4 weeks so we can accomplish these tasks.

We’re going to have lots of content updates during the break, though; we’ll be posting more of our sketchbook work and production art to Tumblr. Your comments are encouraged – don’t be shy! We love hearing feedback from you guys and would like to hear even more!

In the meantime, we hope you guys enjoy the chapter cover!